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The largest coverage zone of wireless internet in Georgia!

High-speed Wireless Internet of Magti Fix by Technology



Brief description
ADU 520-A USB modem of high-speed wireless internet of Magti Fix is a device allowing you to experience high-speed internet wherever Magti Fix coverage signal reaches. The modem operates 450 MHz frequency and is compatible with CDMA EVDO REV-A technology standard.
By means of this technology you can download data with the capacity of 3.1 Mbit/s while upload with that of 1.8 Mbit/s.

Internet Speed

Compatibility of the Operational System and Requirements
ADU 520-A USB modem of high-speed wireless internet of Magti Fix is compatible with the following operational systems:
Windows 2000
Windows XP (32 and 64 bit operating systems)
Windows Vista (32 and 64 bit operating systems)
Windows 7 Driver
MAC OS (MAC OS 10.4 Tiger and MAC OS 10.5 Leopard) Driver
MAC OS 10.6 Snow Leopard and MAC OS 10.7 Lion Driver



We offer different service packages for internet usage. Choose the one you like:

Internet Package Price for 30-day Usage Traffic*
Start 10 lari 500 MB
Economy 15 lari 1 GB
Standard 30 lari 5 GB
Premium 60 lari 15 GB
Unlimited 150 lari  

* You will use the high-speed internet until the purchased megabytes are fully consumed. Thereafter, until the 30-day term expires, you will use the low-speed internet. A new package is possible to be purchased any time as frequently as you wish. Prior to the expiring of a 30-day term you can also use the high-speed internet from the portal (http://mymagtifix.ge ) as a result of purchasing an additional package: 200 MB for 2 lari or 1 GB for 10 lari. Those additionally purchased megabytes may be used until the expiring of the term for the usage of the basic package (30 days).

You can choose the service package from the internet portal:
Connect your modem to the computer, enter the internet portal http://mymagtifix.ge > service activation > and choose the package you like.


There are several ways to recharge the modem account:

  • To make payment at any of MagtiCom offices
  • To use the USSD service menu:
    Dial *111#OK from you mobile handset, choose > EVDO/HSPA+ > angarishis shevseba in the service
    menu and follow the instruction.
  • Pay boxes
  • Internet portal: connect the modem to the computer, enter the internet portal http://mymagtifix.ge > account recharging > MONO-card code
  • Transfer of money from a Magti, Bali, Bani or MagtiFix number: #888 modem number # transferable sum OK.
  • From MagtiCom web-site, by using a banking card.

Modem suspension

Modem can be suspended for one month.

1 month suspension costs 1 lari.

In this case, suspension is only possible by visiting the Customer Service Office of MagtiCom.

After expiration of 1 month’s term the modem suspension shall be automatically canceled.

  • You can also cancel number suspension before expiration of the term of the suspension by visiting the Customer Service Office of MagtiCom;
  • After expiration of the suspension of the modem the terms and conditions effective before the activation of suspension shall be valid.


Checking the Balance

You can check you balance both from the internet portal http://mymagtifix.ge and from a mobile handset by using the service menu: dial *111 # OK > EVDO/HSPA+ and follow the instruction.